Launching My Editorial Services & Manuscript Critique Giveaway

Today I am super excited to share that I am launching my own freelance editorial business! This is something I’ve been working on for a long while because as much as I love writing my own books, I also love helping other writers to shape theirs. 

Specialising in teen, YA and middle grade across genres, and contemporary adult romance, on launch I am offering query package reports and full manuscript critiques, as well as sensitivity and authenticity reading for autism, ADHD and dyspraxia representation. In the future, I hope to expand the editorial services I offer, as well as introduce writing workshops and courses. 

Why should you work with me?

I’m a traditionally published author of 3 books for teenagers, and have been part of the children’s publishing industry for the past ten years, working with authors, writers and publishers to promote and celebrate books. I’ve judged numerous book prizes, spoken at leading industry conferences and events, and have a deep understanding of the children’s publishing market.

I want to work with who you are as a writer to bring out the best in your writing so you can produce work you are proud of. While my critiques will point out areas of improvement, and offer suggestions on how best to achieve your goal, I always aim to be encouraging and enthusiastic, and work with your vision in the hope of building your confidence. Basically: I don’t just want to edit your book, I want to be your book’s biggest fan, too. For many writers at this stage of the process, this is your first time working with an editor; I’d like to be the reassuring figure who helps you on your journey to becoming a published author – whether that’s traditional publishing or self-publishing. 


To celebrate the launch of my editorial services, I am offering an un-agented neurodivergent writer the opportunity to win a full manuscript critique. This should be a children’s, teen or YA book, or a contemporary adult romance.

This will include a detailed editorial letter with annotated in-line comments on the broader themes of your manuscript. Rather than looking at sentence-level, I will assess plot, pacing, structure, character (voice, dialogue, narrative) and world-building, according to where your story fits within its given market.

To enter, please send a short description of your project (approximately 100 words) and a 1,000 word writing sample (Microsoft Word, double-spaced) to with the subject line MS CRITIQUE GIVEAWAY.

Self diagnosis is valid. While I would love to be able to choose all entries, I will offer further opportunities for neurodivergent writers in the future if you are not chosen this time.

ENDS: 4th JUNE 2023.

The winner will be contacted by email and, dependent on my receipt of the manuscript, the edit will be completed by the end of June. 

To find out more about the services I offer, you can visit my EDITORIAL SERVICES page. I currently have availability through the rest of 2023, and am offering introductory rates. I look forward to – hopefully! – working with some of you soon!


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