A Reading from Bookishly Ever After!

Hello readers!

To celebrate the recent release of my latest book, Bookishly Ever After, I’ve shared a reading of the first chapter of the book to my author YouTube channel! A murder has taken place, and it’s up to The Paper & Hearts Society to solve who did it … 

It is quite possibly my favourite opening from the series and I had so much fun writing it. I hope you’ll enjoy the reading, whether you’ve read the book already or have it still to read! 

Read bookishly ever after!

About the Book: 


Ed is excited. He’s landed his dream job at Woolf and Wilde, the beautiful independent bookshop in town.

On his first day, his colleague Hannah doesn’t hold back from telling him exactly how to do things. Although Ed is intimidated, he soon finds himself wanting to impress her …

Then, Ed discovers his mum is dating for the first time since splitting up with his dad. It feels like a huge change, much too fast.

But with the help of his friends, and embracing Hannah’s way of seeing the world … Can Ed let his guard down for the love of books?

I hope you enjoy it - and don't forget to live your best bookish lives!

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