I am a traditionally published and agented author of three novels for teenagers with over ten years of experience in the children’s publishing industry. Previously, I have judged the Times Chicken House Children’s Fiction Competition and the YA Book Prize.

I specialise in young adult and middle grade/children’s fiction, and contemporary adult romance. As a neurodivergent author, I also specialise in working with neurodivergent and disabled writers to create an inclusive and accessible working environment.

Availability: I currently have editorial slots available for the remainder of 2023. 

Please contact me via email at lucygpowrie@gmail.com to discuss further. You should include the service you are interested in booking, details of your project (age range and genre, a brief description, your word count and proposed turnaround time), and a 1,000 word writing sample.

Please note: I have the right to refuse any project based on time constraints or unsuitability.

What It's Like to Work With Me

When reading your manuscript, I assess for plot, pacing, structure, character (voice, dialogue, narrative), and world-building, according to where your story fits within its given market.

I work with who you are as a writer to bring out the best in your writing in order for you to produce a work you are proud of. While my critiques will point out areas of improvement, and offer suggestions on how best to achieve this, I always aim to be encouraging and enthusiastic, and work with your vision in the hope of building your confidence.


Query Package

In preparation for your submission to literary agents, I will read the first three chapters of your manuscript, your cover letter, and your synopsis, offering feedback through an editorial letter and annotated in-line comments on each document.

This also includes a secondary read and further notes once feedback has been implemented.


Developmental Edit

I will read your full manuscript and respond with a detailed editorial letter, as well as annotated in-line comments within your manuscript. Rather than critiquing at a sentence-level, feedback will be based on broader assessment of your manuscript. I will evaluate what is working, and offer suggestions and commentary on how to improve the aspects of your manuscript which may need further development.

If appropriate, I will also read and offer feedback on a cover letter and synopsis in preparation for submission to agents.

Introductory rate: £5 per 1,000 words, or a fee of £250 for works under 50,000 words.

Sensitivity and Authenticity Reads

I offer sensitivity reads in order for you to authentically portray marginalised characters within your writing. My areas of expertise, based on my own lived experiences, are:

  • Autism (Autism Spectrum Disorder/Asperger’s Syndrome)
  • ADHD
  • Dyspraxia


Before you have begun writing, or during your drafting process, I will discuss with you over Zoom or phone call the requirements of your work, areas of interest or concern, and answer any questions you may have about writing neurodivergence within your writing. After the call has taken place, I will supply you with a written report summarising the conversation, with a recommended further reading list, as well as any information or advice that may have been missed on the initial call. 

Main Sensitivity Read

After reading your manuscript, I will send you a detailed report on the accuracy of the representation within your work. This will be an in-depth letter, as well as annotated in-line comments within the manuscript. It will specifically target the authenticity of neurodivergence within your story, rather than offering structural feedback.


This can be done either at the developmental/structural stage or as part of a line edit.

Due to the nature of sensitivity reading, individual quotes are available on request.

Please note: all sensitivity reads are based on my own lived experiences, and I therefore take no responsibility for the representation in finished publications. 


Payment is via PayPal or BACS, with a 25% deposit payable on booking, unless already agreed. The remainder of the payment will be due once the edit has been completed. Average turnaround is 3-4 weeks. If work has already commenced on the edit and a booking is cancelled, a cancellation fee will be applied. 

Get in touch by emailing lucygpowrie@gmail.com to book your service. Please include the service you are interested in booking, details of your project (age range and genre, a brief description, your word count and proposed turnaround time), and a 1,000 word writing sample.