Lucy Powrie

Hello! I’m Lucy Powrie, author of The Paper & Hearts Society series.

The paper & Hearts society

About the Book: 



Tabby Brown is tired of trying to fit in. She doesn’t want to go to parties – in fact, she would much rather snuggle up on the sofa with her favourite book.


It’s like she hasn’t found her people …


Then Tabby joins a club that promises to celebrate books. What could go wrong? EVERYTHING – especially when making new friends brings out an AWKWARD BUZZING feeling all over her body.


But Olivia, Cassie, Henry and Ed have something that makes Tabby come back. Maybe it’s the Austen-themed fancy-dress parties, or Ed’s fluffy cat Mrs Simpkins, or could it be Henry himself …


Can Tabby let her weird out AND live THE BEST BOOKISH LIFE POSSIBLE?

The Paper & Hearts Society is also published …


* in Italy as Il Club delgi Ultimi Romantici


* in Australia and New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa as The Paper & Hearts Society