The return of #UKYAChat!

Hello, everyone!

I am super excited to be able to share with you the return of #UKYAChat! For those of you who may not know, #UKYAChat is a Twitter chat that I first founded and hosted in 2013 — so we’re in our seventh year now! We discuss YA books, play bookish games, and are joined from time to time by special guest authors.

I’ve taken a break from hosting #UKYAChat for the past year due to other commitments and also because I think it’s good to take breaks to keep things fresh. But now we’re back, and I hope #UKYAChat will offer you some fun and bookish friendship during these difficult times.


Please note: for the first two weeks, #UKYAChat will take place weekly, but then change to fortnightly. However this may change to weekly in the future, depending on demand.


Friday 17th April @ 8pm BST

We’ll be CELEBRATING YA, plus I’ll be revealing the cover of my second book, Read with Pride! Come along to play bookish games, discuss what’s so special about YA, and more!


Friday 24th April @ 8pm BST

This chat’s theme will be¬†SENDING LOVE TO THE BOOK INDUSTRY¬†– sharing our favourite bookshops, libraries, and authors, and spreading as much love as we can!


Friday 8th May @ 8pm BST

It’s the #UKYAChat Quiz! Test your YA knowledge in this #UKYAChat special!


Friday 22nd May @ 8pm BST

Check back to see the theme of this chat closer to the time!

Don’t forget to add the dates to your calendars! I’ll also be tweeting regular reminders and updates.

So how do you join in with #UKYAChat?

All you need is a Twitter account and to use the dedicated hashtag — #UKYAChat! Starting at 8pm, I’ll be sharing questions from my Twitter profile, @LucyTheReader, and other people will be sharing their responses. Answer the questions yourself, chat to other people and, most importantly, have fun!

Anyone can join in – whether you’re a book blogger, fellow author, librarian, bookseller, or a book lover! With #UKYAChat, it really is the more, the merrier, so feel free to invite your Twitter (or real life!) friends along, too.

If you’re a UKYA author with a new book being released, or a book publicist, do feel free to get in touch to discuss ways that #UKYAChat can support you in the coming months. My email address can be found on my contact page.

Hope to see you next week for the return of #UKYAChat!

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