It feels like yesterday that my first book, The Paper & Hearts Society, was released – but today I’m here to share with you the gorgeous cover for the sequel, Read with Pride!

I’ve been busy working on Olivia’s story for the past year, and am counting down the days until you will all get to read it. Hopefully you’ll love it just as much as I do!

So without further ado ….

Here is …

… the cover of …

… The Paper & Hearts Society: Read with Pride!

It was designed by Alison Padley and Alice Duggan from Hachette Children’s Group, who have done such an amazing job bringing Olivia to life!

I’m obsessed with the tiny details: the fact that Olivia is reading a copy of the first book, how her nails are painted in rainbow colours, and the unbelievably stunning bookshelves at the bottom! I think it’s going to look such a treat on my bookcase!

What’s Read with Pride about?

Here’s the official synopsis:

The much anticipated second book in The Paper & Hearts Society series by Booktuber Lucy Powrie. Will you be the next recruit for The Paper & Hearts Society book club? For fans of Holly Smale and Super Awkward.

Olivia Santos is excited for her last year at secondary school. But when a parent complains about LGBTQ+ content in one of the books, the library implements a new policy for withdrawing books. Olivia is distraught – she’s demisexual and knows how important it is for all readers to see themselves represented.

Luckily, she’s the mastermind behind The Paper & Hearts Society book club, and she knows exactly what to do: start a new club, find ways of evading the system, and change the policy for good!

With two book clubs to run, exams to prepare for, and a girlfriend, just how long will it be before Olivia burns out? After all, creating a book club and trying to get the #ReadWithPride hashtag to get noticed is going to take a lot of energy.

Sometimes, when you’re in too deep, it’s up to your friends to look out for you …

Why Read with Pride?

I write all of my books for my younger self and when I was seventeen, all I wanted was a book that would talk about all the scary and often overwhelming feelings that come with realising that, actually, you might not be straight. I also wanted a book that would make me realise that it was okay to be me – and I could be proud!

I first had the idea for a secret underground book club, but I didn’t immediately connect it up with The Paper & Hearts Society until I started writing a different version of the book and couldn’t stop thinking about the characters and where they might fit into the world I’d already created … and then Read with Pride was well and truly born!

I haven’t read The Paper & Hearts Society yet — can I still read Read with Pride?

The short answer: yes!

The long answer? I’d love it if you could read The Paper & Hearts Society because Read with Pride is best read if you know the characters and story, but I have written it so that it shouldn’t be difficult to understand if you haven’t read the first book. That being said, beware of spoilers for the first book if you take the risk!

Can I review Read with Pride for my blog/YouTube channel/bookstagram?

While there won’t be physical proof copies for Read with Pride, it is currently available to “wish for” on Netgalley — plus, it’s only a few weeks until publication, so not long to wait!

And if you do read it, leaving a review on Amazon, Goodreads, or other retailer websites is really helpful — it’s a great way. of supporting your favourite authors! As a former book reviewer myself, I SUPER appreciate all the hard work that goes into writing reviews. So thank you in advance!


Pre-ordering is one of the best ways you can support an author, and I would love it if you could! Plus, if you do, keep proof that you have so that you can claim an exclusive Read with Pride pre-order reward — coming soon!

Waterstones — one of the most reliable ways of ordering at the moment!



The Book Depository


And there are many independent bookshops in the UK still taking preorders directly, so do get in touch with your local indie or favourite shop — it’s so important to support them at such a difficult time. 


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Not long to go now until Read with Pride! I hope you adore the cover just as much as I do!