About The Book:

Ed is excited. He’s finally landed his dream job as a bookseller at Woolf and Wilde, the beautiful independent bookshop in town. 

But Ed soon discovers that working life in the bookshop is very different to being a customer – the hours of shelving books, logging ISBNs and dealing with customers is overwhelming. So Ed does what Ed does best – smiles enthusiastically, fist pumps the air, and pretends that everything is totally under control. He just hadn’t bargained on his new colleague, Hannah, seeing through his façade.

Then Ed discovers that his mum is dating for the first time since splitting up with his dad. He decides to distract himself by being the best bookseller Woolf and Wilde has ever seen, but now Ed’s confusing feelings for Hannah are getting in the way.

If Ed can find a way to be himself, he might find it easier to make new connections, be a good friend to his old ones, and get to know himself a little better in the process … 

Can Ed let his guard down for the love of books?


Lucy says ...

As an author, you shouldn’t have favourite books … but Bookishly Ever After is quite possibly mine! That might be because Ed, the main character, has always been one of my favourite characters to write. I never really had to think about who he was as a person – it was as if he turned up one day and decided I would have to write him just as he wanted to be written!

I had so much fun working on this book, thinking of weird and wonderful antics for Ed to get up to. As I was editing it, I had to keep stopping because I couldn’t stop laughing. I hope readers will love it just as much as I do! It has such a special place in my heart.